What is Cupping?

Cupping is a method of treatment that has been practiced for the past 3000 years. Cupping treatment can treat various types of diseases by removing dirty blood, uric acid, cholesterol and excess wind in the body.

Cupping is a method of treatment through detoxification, which is a method of treatment by removing dirty blood and blood clots (static) that are on the surface of the skin. This is due to the accumulation of toxins (poisons) in the body that come from food and beverages with chemicals such as dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors/MSG, expanders, air pollution and chemical drugs that can not be broken down by the body’s digestive system and can not removed through a common sewage disposal system

Why Cupping?

Cupping will release dirty blood (dead/abnormal red blood cells) which is toxic to the body. With the production of this dirty and toxic blood, the body will become fresher and healthier, furthermore it will also allow healing from various types of diseases already present in the body. The practice of cupping will also strengthen antibodies and promote the production of hormones and enzymes in the body to maintain the health of the body and restore damage to the body.

In general, cupping will remove dirty blood, uric acid, cholesterol and excess blood in the body. After cupping, the body will feel lighter and more energetic.

How Does It Works?

The suction from the cupping draws fluid into the treated area. This suction force expands and breaks the small blood vessels (capillaries) that open under the skin. Your body treats the cupping area like an injury. It sends more blood to the area to stimulate the natural healing process. Some people theorize that cupping cleans pores and removes toxins.

Function of Cupping Treatment

benefit Of Cupping Treatment

  • Eliminates any weakness in the body

    A person may experience body weakness as a result of illnesses or malnutrition. A lot of illnesses are difficult to diagnose even by modern medicine

  • Cures fever

    Cupping therapy is also a great way to treat fever. It’s one of the purposes of the treatment since the ancient times. Back then, practitioners believed that fever is caused by “bad blood.” So they used this therapy to extract the blood, therefore curing the illness.

  • Improves blood circulation

    Hijama or cupping therapy also affects the circulatory system positively. It helps enhance blood flow by making the veins stronger. It also strengthens the arterial muscles by eliminating congested blood

  • Heals rheumatic diseases organically

    Cupping therapy also happens to be a scientifically proven treatment for rheumatic diseases. Instead of taking medication, one can also opt for this kind of treatment. People have reported an immediate relief from the effects of these diseases after some cupping therapy sessions. Rheumatic diseases such as joint pain, rheumatism, lumbago, and arthritis can be treated with such therapy.

  • Helps the nervous system

    Cupping therapy is also beneficial to the nervous system. Nowadays, a lot of diseases and disorders in the nervous system are becoming more and more common. These issues are because of today’s climatic conditions as well as the wealth of new and complex machines.