Cube 4 MED


K-Laser Cube allows adjustment of energy delivered depending on the factors involved, thanks to selected menus that are graphically intuitive. Increased power and the wavelengths available play a crucial role in the success of the laser therapy. According to the kind of pain experienced by the patient, K-Laser Cube makes it possible to select specific treatments. K-Laser Cube, besides analysing body morphology and the types of tissues, also takes into account another crucial factor for our skin: melanin. Thanks to its innovative parameters, K-Laser Cube recognizes the skin’s six phototypes, taking into account every pre-set protocol variant.


Record-time effectiveness and versatility

Improved clinical outcomes

Fast, painless and non-invasive treatment

Wide application range

Alternative solution to drugs

Long lasting clinical results

High patient and owner compliance

Improved patient safety

New revenue generation opportunities

World-wide record in safety, compactness, reliability and power