The CTU-Mega 18 Diamagnetic Device is a revolutionary system for stimulation of cutaneous regions of the skin. It utilises energy transfer system to accelerate the molecules in our cellular matrix, thereby creating a new method of pain management for physical therapy. 

This is NOT traditional magnetic therapy or electrical therapy, rather a novel system that stimulates the inherent (but weak) magnetic properties of water, which is a major component of our cellular system.


Our Process

How It Works

Liquid movement

Bodily substances such as water, lipids and most plasma proteins are diamagnetic - they accelerate in the opposite direction when in the presence of a magnetic field.

Magnetic stimulation

Stimulation of these substances via magnetic repulsion can encourage cellular drainage, removal of toxins and the transport of nutrients and metabolites.

Cellular healing

Cellular stimulation helps to ease inflammation and promote tissue healing processes at a deeper level of penetration than traditional electrical therapy.



It allows to activate specific action mechanism on the cells such as to induce the positive physiology respond in so many pathology which focus on the skeletal muscle, nerve tissue, reducing the hospitalizing and to improve the life quality of the patients.

Diamagnetic therapy treatments are performed for pre-operation preparation and post-operation rehabilitation; further on Diamagnetic Therapy are performed for pain therapy and represents an indispensable instrument for the prevention and the cure of rheumatic pathology

Diamagnetic therapy is called also ADM therapy (Acceleration of Diamagnetic Molecular), allows to perform local and general pharmacological treatments, with stratification of active principals without the use of needles and electrical current, and it is totally painless